Who Is

Zeustra is an independent strategic advisory firm with a sole focus on healthcare. Our full-service business model and dedication to long-term relationships provide our clients with a trusted advisor capable of delivering a complete range of real estate advisory and M&A services.

Whether you are monetizing your real estate, financing an acquisition, negotiating leases, or selling your practice, we offer data-driven solutions that maximize value. Our team is committed to exceeding your expectations while navigating the complex reforms and regulations specific to the healthcare economy. Zeustra’s experience servicing private practices, healthcare systems, investors, and developers gives us a unique skill set that adds value across the entire transactional spectrum.

We are passionate and intensely focused on performing at the highest levels, striving to out-work and out-think competitors to find the best solutions carefully engineered for your particular situation. With locations across the country, our qualified professionals are enthusiastically awaiting the opportunity to act as your preferred strategic healthcare advisor on your next real estate and M&A transaction.

Zeustra: noun [Zü-strǝ]: Zeustra is a combination of the terms “Zeus” an “Zarathustra”.  Zeus embodies the omnipotent and omniscient qualities of the Greek god that we look to bestow upon our clients. This includes an all-powerful dominion over the operational components of real estate assets and an all-knowing viewpoint of financial risks and performance factors.  Thus Spoke Zarathustra is a prologue from the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche that describes a person of the future that is willing to risk all for the sake of enhancement of humanity.  Zeustra’s corporate culture embodies this spirit as we work relentlessly towards a future that enhances the operational and economic performance of our clients’ real estate portfolios.

Executive Team

Erik Gainor

Erik Gainor is a commercial real estate industry pioneer and veteran with over 20 years of experience representing the world’s largest organizations and institutional investors.

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Niko Kranias

Vice President

Niko Kranias is the Vice President of the Northeast region of the US market for Zeustra’s Healthcare Real Estate Investment sales.

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Mark Coakley

Executive Vice President

Mr. Coakley leads the Southeast region for Zeustra’s healthcare real estate advisory practice.

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Corey Martier

VP, Northeast US

Mr. Martier has advised on some of the largest medical real estate transactions in the Northeast US.

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Justin Engle

VP, Northeast US

Mr. Engle has spent his entire career in real estate advisory and development.

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Nick Myers

VP, Midwest US

Mr. Myers heads up the Midwest region for Zeustra’s medical real estate services.

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SVP, Southwest US

Mr. Saunders leads Zeustra’s full-service healthcare advisory practice in the Southwest US.

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Selecting The Right Partner

about us Zeustra

Finding the right partner to help you navigate transactions can be difficult. Learn why and when you should engage Zeustra as your strategic healthcare advisor on your next transaction.

Why Us?

  • Over a billion in combined real estate transactions
  • Full-service strategic healthcare advisor
  • Proprietary healthcare market intelligence
  • Due diligence and regulatory compliance
  • Dedicated senior level support
  • Proprietary data and software
  • Deal negotiation proficiency
  • High transaction success rates

When Us?

  • Negotiating real estate lease agreements
  • Buying or selling a medical practice
  • Hospital mergers and acquisitions
  • Real estate portfolio optimization
  • Refinancing debt
  • Raising equity
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market research

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