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Multi-Partner Medical Campus

Zeustra represented the ten physician partners in the sale-leaseback of their primary real estate campus, thereby providing the partners with liquidity and achieving maximum value of their real estate.

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Lancaster NeuroScience & Spine Associates

Zeustra represented the partners of Lancaster NeuroScience & Spine Associates to monetize their real estate portfolio during a merger.

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Medical Office Building

Zeustra represented a hospital system in the disposition of their off campus medical office building.

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Parkway Medical Campus

Zeustra represented the physician-partners in the sale of their real estate portfolio.  The sale was achieved during a time when the practice revenue was drastically reduced due to a restructuring of the medical practice. 

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Otolaryngology Practice

Zeustra represented the sale of a two-building multi-tenant medical office portfolio on behalf of a prominent otolaryngology private practice.

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Multi-Tenant MOB, Boynton Beach

Zeustra represented a group of ten partners in the sale-leaseback of their medical office building located in Boynton Beach, Florida.  Our team broadly marketed the property and was able to identify a regional investor that owned other properties in the same market. 

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Private Practice Real Estate Sale

Zeustra represented the private practice in the sale of their real estate asset.  We advised the practice to restructure their lease agreement to minimize their forward-looking risk and optimize the terms for a sale to an institutional investor. 

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Zeustra represented fourteen cardiologists in the sale-leaseback of their primary real estate asset.  The goal was to maximize the value of the real estate through a sale, providing the physician partners with liquidity. 

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Investment Lease and Sale

Zeustra represented a retired physician in obtaining a new lease and a sale of the medical office building.

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Developer-Owned Medical Mall

Zeustra represented a medical real estate developer in the sale of a 75,000 SF medical mall concept focused on geriatric care.  We were able to overcome significant hurdles as this was a condominium project located in a tertiary market. 

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Multi-Use Facility

Zeustra represented the sale of a 30,000 SF facility leased to Community Health Systems (CHS).  The real estate sale was occurring simultaneously with a sale of the hospital operations to Pinnacle Health Systems.

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Multi-Building Condominium Sale

Zeustra represented an ophthalmology practice in the sale of their two-building medical real estate portfolio consisting of a 19,000 SF medical office and a 7,000 SF surgery center.  Given that both buildings were over 20 years old and one was a condominium, we had to get creative when identifying a buyer that could get comfortable with the underlying risk.

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Penn Radiology

Pennsylvania Radiology Portfolio

Zeustra represented a physician-owned radiology practice in the sale-leaseback of their five-building real estate portfolio. 

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